Element North Leadership Development

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Strategy Development

Why Element North strategy development:
  • We've personally set organizational vision and strategy, leading teams to coalesce behind common goals
  • We know the perspectives of both the leader and of the greater team
  • We're entrenched in organizational behavior and help executives avoid breakdowns that impede alignment
  • We bring a neutral yet educated perspective with an inherent bias that strategy must be embodied

Vision and Values Development
Having a shared, compelling vision supported by actionable values sets organizations apart, emboldens commitment, and expedites performance. Too often, vision and values exercises are just that — exercises — and end with the words on a page. We take a different approach. We believe that vision is critical to a purpose-driven organization where stakeholders can flourish. Values enable employees to make autonomous decisions that benefit everyone. Our process helps organizations develop actionable vision and values that are active, alive, and widely shared. We enable clients to weave vision and values into the cultural fabric of the organization.

Organizational Consulting and Strategy
We're in the business of harnessing talent, both on an individual and organizational scale. The entire employee lifecycle must be attended to in order to attract, develop, and retain talent. We design and implement formalized approaches for motivating and retaining employees, achieving the right corporate culture, and managing a talent pipeline for succession planning.

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