5 Leadership Habits All Best Bosses Have In Common

“You may not be 100% prepared for the demands of a job that requires handling individual personalities, motivations, and work styles. Doing the work becomes the simple part; working through others is far more complex…”

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New Managers Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Express Their Emotions

“Warm. Funny. Sincere. Motivated. Deeply invested.

Those were a few of the words I would’ve used to describe Tendai (his name and some details have been changed), a senior leader at a global manufacturing company, after we met to kick off our coaching engagement. He was on a succession plan for the C-suite and was looking to strengthen his executive leadership skills…”

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More on the Power Pose

“Regarding the impact of the “power pose” on performance, can you recommend further reading on the topic?

A leading researcher on the subject, Amy J.C. Cuddy, an associate professor of business administration at Harvard Business School, wrote a blog post last year entitled, “Want to Lean In? Try a Power Pose,” which can be found on A video by Dr. Cuddy showing how to practice power-pose techniques, “Boost Power Through Body Language,” is also posted on the site…”

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Executive presence: Looking the part of being in charge

At an Executives’ Club of Chicago event Thursday on the topic, AGL Resources chief financial officer Beth Reese advised that executive presence included having neat and trim nails. Cut out everything from your appearance that would distract a listener from the substance of your message — that goes for men too, Reese said.The guy sitting next to me looked down at his nails and uttered exactly what I was thinking: “Uh-oh.” The dismal reality is that these seemingly bizarre exercises, meeting preparation techniques and even grooming strategies are based on scientific research…”

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Four Conversations That Boost Employee Engagement

There’s a lot of communicating at work. It’s hard to find someone who wishes for more meetings, conversations or emails. Many workers feel inundated by the sheer amount of communications that’s required of them. For leaders in particular, it can seem as if you are never not communicating. Even when you’re silent, all eyes are watching for nonverbal cues…”

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The Best Job Interview Questions We’ve Heard

“The question: So you’re a Yankees fan. If you were the team’s owner, how would you make them better?

The expert: Bonnie Zaben, chief operating officer of AC Lion Recruiting, told Bloomberg Businessweek that was her top choice. The reason: “I ask the applicant about their hobbies, and then we do role-play. I want to see how they think quickly and compose coherent presentations. Are they recommending specific player changes? Can they quote stats to back up a position? Can they present a cogent argument in five minutes without dead air? You’d be surprised.”

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Our Favorite Personal Development Books, June 2017

Just as any child can grow up to be president, says executive coach Kristi Hedges, any employee, manager, or CEO can become a real inspiration to others. The behaviors that make for the kind of active listener and motivational conversationalist people want to follow are not a matter of born talent. They’re the result of skills that can be learned. Hedges argues that inspirational leadership comes from a few consistent routine behaviors: investing in each conversation with full attention; speaking authentically; displaying the emotion and energy appropriate to each situation; and helping others find meaning in their place within the big picture…”

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The Inspiration Code: How the Best Leaders Energize People Every Day

Author & Executive Coach Kristi Hedges joins us to discuss how truly great leaders inspire action with their words, how they spark enthusiasm and commitment. and how, with a single conversation, they can change the direction of someone’s life. In diving into her latest book, The Inspiration Code, she dispels common myths about how leaders communicate – and guides them in cultivating qualities that authentically excite…”

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8 Ways Even Introverts Can Be Leaders At Work

If there’s one person who knows about leadership, it’s executive coach, communications expert, and author Kristi Hedges. She’s spent 25 years working with leaders to help them develop the skills necessary to effectively manage and lead their teams. And, yes, introverts have been included in her training with just as much success as others! In Hedges’ newest book, The Inspiration Code, which hits bookstore shelves this summer, she debunks common myths about leaders. The biggest one: There’s no such thing as a natural-born leader, so introverts are on the same playing field as extroverts…”

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