Element North exists to inspire better leadership and stronger organizations.

We work with CEOs, leadership teams, high-potential employees, functional teams, rising leaders, women leaders, and full companies.

We cover topics across the leadership spectrum, including engagement and motivation, negotiation, accountability, influence, delegation, leadership presence, and more.

Everything we do is based on our proprietary Element North Leadership Model, designed to provide guidance to client as they navigate complexity, change, and the challenges of leadership. Our services include:

Through a combination of listening, probing, and challenging, our coaches create a safe environment for leaders to build their capacity and to achieve greater success, faster.

As leadership development experts, we are able to role model the elements of effective communication and public speaking.

We’ve developed programs that support an entire next-generation of corporate leadership and ones that help existing leaders sharpen a specific skill.

Leadership often has signs that the organization’s management processes should be improved, yet it can be difficult to direct precious time and resources effectively.

We’ve personally set organizational vision and strategy, leading teams to coalesce behind common goals.

Having a shared, compelling vision supported by actionable values sets organizations apart, emboldens commitment, and expedites performance.

Whether you’re looking for individual coaching or a large group workshop, Element North brings our blend of high-touch, customized delivery to clients so each virtual interaction feels uniquely connected.