Chris Segall Litvak


Signature Strength
Seeing the inherent goodness in others

Signature Weakness
Overextending myself

Passionate about
Using crucial conversations to change the trajectory of your life

Her story
Had many senior roles at large, successful companies in telecom, financial and healthcare sectors. Realized the part of her job she loved the most was coaching her staff. Then was elated to discover she could actually do that as a profession.

Learning edge
The science of breaking bad habits

Loves to…
Run, cook, play golf, tennis, read, keep up with politics. Sadly, I also like to sleep and would love to create a 28 hour day to squeeze in a few more hours.

Would rather not…
Miss out on sleep

Wishes she…
Had studied abroad in college

Life Lesson…
Happiness is a choice

Favorite band of all time…
Would have to be R.E.M, the Cure is a close second

If she had to spend one year in someone else’s life…
Kate Middleton, circa now (the allure of being a princess never ceases)

On her life goals list…
Running a marathon

Favorite time waster…
Reading celebrity magazines and stack ranking their “trashiness factor.”

Favorite quote
“The world is your oyster.” My Mom