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Element North exists to inspire better leadership and stronger organizations.

We work with CEOs, leadership teams, high-potential employees, functional teams, rising leaders, women leaders, and full companies.

We cover topics across the leadership spectrum, including engagement and motivation, negotiation, accountability, delegation, leadership presence, and more.

Our work is based on our proprietary Element North Leadership Model, designed to provide guidance to client as they navigate complexity, change, and the challenges of leadership.

Our services include:

Leadership Audit and Evaluation
Leadership often has signs that the organization's management processes should be improved, yet it can be difficult to direct precious time and resources effectively. Using a systemic approach backed by significant leadership development expertise, we go deep to uncover the root causes of leadership and performance shortcomings. We ensure there's alignment between what's asked of leaders and the systems and processes in place to support them. We assess current leadership programs and interventions to make sure investment is in the right areas, and create a roadmap to support an organizationally specific path forward.

Leadership Development
We've seen it repeatedly—with the right leadership program and a supportive culture, leaders literally emerge. We take a full-circle view of leadership development that includes a situational assessment to determine skill requirements, compelling content that's both practical and inspirational, and the option for ongoing accountability through follow-on coaching. Our offerings range from short-duration skills-focused trainings to multi-year leadership development programs.

Executive Coaching
Coaching is about accelerated change and growth. It is equal parts self-awareness and situational understanding. Executive coaching delivers a powerful combination of tools that enable executives to gain clarity, practice solutions, set personal goals, and hold themselves accountable to them. Perhaps most importantly, amidst a culture of business that often compels the status quo, coaching opens options for what's possible.

Vision, Values and Strategy Development
Leaders create new realities. We help them establish the highest calling for their organizations through crisp, compelling visions, energizing values and clear strategies. From the ideation stage of setting a common vision, to the concrete path of outlining measurable strategies, we guide leaders and teams through a process to create a sense of greater purpose, alignment, and commitment.

Our team of business coaches are adept at managing meetings to ensure participatory discussions, open collaboration, and successful outcomes. We use our role as facilitator to encourage both the spoken and unspoken issues to fully emerge so true consensus can be found. Whether it's a short meeting or a multi-day off-site strategic planning session, our methodology ensures that corporate teams set clear goals, honestly discuss issues, and hold each other accountable. Our facilitators can come in to support your set agenda, or can manage the entire strategic process from pre-screening participants for a situational analysis, developing the agenda, setting action steps and holding customized follow-up sessions to support implementation.

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