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Element North Leadership Model

At Element North, we believe the management models developed over the last century are insufficient to help leaders navigate growing speed and complexity in the world. There are now far too many variables to track and there is simply less that leaders can control. Indeed, the world is not out there waiting to be predicted; it is ours to create.

We developed the Element North Effectual Leadership Model to provide context and guidance in this new era of leadership. At its heart is the premise that the most effective leaders are those having the imagination to see a better future and the agility to move forward in a way that engages collective wisdom to limit the effects of unpredictability. This means creating bold aspirations, while trusting that the contributions of the many along the way will lead to richer outcomes than ever could have been imagined when the process began.

Our Effectual Leadership Model underpins our coaching and supports our leadership development programs. Rather than using it as a prescriptive or linear process, we weave it into the fabric of our work and hold it as a guide for charting the leadership path.

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