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Individual Coaching: Our Process

Element North coaching involves a flexible, four-part process, individualized for each client.

Part 1: Assessment

We offer a wide range of tools to understand the client's situation, preferences, and development needs. Clients can choose from a suite of assessments, including:

  • Qualitative 360o Leadership Analysis
  • Hogan Leadership Assessment Suite
  • BarOn EQi Emotional Intelligence Indicator
  • Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory
  • Workforce Big 5
  • DiSC Profile
  • Emotional/ Social Competency Inventory

Part 2: Alignment

Clients sponsored for coaching through their organizations may elect to have their manager involved in the process by providing input, feedback, and sponsorship. Generally, this includes alignment meetings with a manager at the beginning and end of the coaching process, with optional check-ins throughout. Clients may also prefer to set their own goals, and have an alignment meeting between the coach and client only.

Part 3: Coaching Focus

Coaching may be focused on issues such as excelling in a new position, creating engagement and followership, strengthening executive presence, preparing for promotion, building influence, managing conflict, expanding staff management effectiveness, setting a vision, and navigating change. Our coaching tools vary by client, and include:

  • Readings
  • Management models
  • Role play
  • Behavior practices
  • Team coaching
  • Videotaping
  • Accountability frameworks
  • In-person observation

Part 4: Measurement

Each coaching engagement centers around measureable goals, with an action plan and optional stakeholder feedback. This approach ensures progress continues beyond the coaching engagement.

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