Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching accelerates the development of great leaders.

Through a combination of listening, probing, and challenging, our coaches create a safe environment for leaders to build their capacity and to achieve greater success, faster. Why Element North coaching:

Our credentialed coaches have significant experience across industries and functional areas

We create a confidential environment where encouragement, learning, and accountability co-exist

Our coaching includes 360-degree research, measurable business goals, and progress tracking

Our approach is supportive, challenging, and informed by proven leadership models and best practices

Individual Coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching for issues critical to leadership and imperative to growth. The Element North methodology combines feedback from key stakeholders and a personalized goal plan to help leaders assess their current situation and set clear measurable objectives. Clients gain self-awareness, greater perspective, and tools for increasing their influence as leaders. Best of all, the results of coaching are never lost—they become a continual part of the client’s leadership ability.

Team Coaching

Using our experiential coaching methodology, we focus on the dynamic of leadership in a team setting. Senior teams and work groups benefit from coaching to build trust and cohesion, establish effective norms, build accountability, and increase output. Team coaching involves an initial research phase, group coaching through one or more working meetings, and individual team member follow-up coaching.

Executive Presence Coaching

An executive’s presence is hard to define, yet we know it when we see it. Some leaders embody their role, while others struggle to overcome limiting perceptions. Research repeatedly shows that an executive’s presence is a key factor in whether he or she gets ahead. We’ve developed a proprietary model to assess, shape, and train leadership presence built around authenticity—so executives can demonstrate the best version of themselves. Our methodology combines executive communications, leadership coaching, management tools and speaker training to create deep and lasting change.