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The Power of Presence


You know it when you see it, but what exactly is it?
And how can a person get more of it?

Executive presence has become a must-have development requirement for professionals around the globe. In fact, everyone recognizes leaders with "presence." They stand out for their seemingly innate ability to command attention and inspire commitment. But what is this secret quality they exude, exactly?

Element North partner and leadership coach Kristi Hedges demystifies this elusive trait, revealing that presence is the intersection of outward influencing skills and internal mental conditioning.

Using her straightforward, practical, I-Presence model, Kristi shows how anyone - regardless of position or personality - can strengthen their impact. Readers will learn how to build trust as the foundation for leadership, eschew perfectionism for authenticity, banish limiting thoughts and behaviors, and galvanize their team through visionary, inspiring communications.

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